How does it work?


Upload your documents on safedealroom


Save them securely on your deal room


Control who can access your documents

What is safedealroom?

safedealroom is a state of the art Virtual Data Room. Developed with the latest technology for encryption and secure access, the protection and confidentiality of your documents is at the heart of our service.

How safe is safedealroom?

safedealroom uses the very latest technology in encryption and access control. All your Documents are encrypted from the moment you start uploading them. They are never stored or transmitted in the clear, and are safeguarded using military-grade encryption, and Data Rights Management (DRM).

How is safedealroom different?

safedealroom is different in four ways:

+ The encryption, logon and access control technology is state of the art, no other dataroom providers match our technology.

Why our customers love us?

safedealroom is fast and easy to use

safedealroom gives customers full control of their data room from the start

The user interface is designed to be intuitive and simple, and requires very few clicks to perform any action: speed

Security features are non-intrusive and robust: speed and reliability

safedealroom provides detailed reports on the deal process and data room activity to give the seller all needed intelligence on the deal: deal control and smart tools.

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