Who are we and what do we offer

Clave3tech Ltd is a company which focuses on Data Protection and Encryption technologies.

safedealroom is the first application of our research, we plan for this site to be the one implementing the highest level of security on the market to protect your confidential data, while at the same time offering easy access to this technology from a user experience as well as from a cost perspective.

safedealroom is a brand and website owned by Clave3Tech.

Clave3Tech is registered and operated in the United Kingdom. The servers hosting the web site and all customer information are also physically located in the UK, under UK laws.

SafeDealRoom is an independent website owned by the company Clave3Tech Ltd, incorporated in London, United Kingdom.

We offer a robust, straightforward, efficient dataroom service for the community of firms and individuals supporting deals in the UK and in Europe.

Our servers are in the UK, we abide to the UK law, particularly those protecting personal and sensitive data. None of our data nor our customer data is stored outside the UK.

- Guillaume de Pommereau, CFO of Hitachi Europe.
- W. Kacha, Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Operations at Citi.
- Eric Bourland. Independant Advisor, Ex Teradata, Vodafone and Vivendi.

- FINANCE DIRECTOR: Shahbaz Hussain.
- IT DIRECTOR: Pascal Noré.

The three founders of Clave3Tech are seasoned professionals experts in Corporate Finance, IT and Network Security based in the UK. They cumulate a total of more than 50 years of professional experience acquired in the US, Europe, India and Japan, with blue chip and financial firms among which are Citibank, Credit Suisse, Dell, Hertz, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Newell, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Hitachi.

The service can be used for free with any dataroom that has less than 100 pages to share in total, and no more than 3 users.

We thank you for your trust.

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