3-Factor Pricing

Our Pricing is based on 3 factors: number of pages of documentation, number of users, and duration of your dataroom. You pay exactly for what you use. There are no hidden costs.

To make your life easier, we have created 3 pre-set dataroom service bundles. It can speed up your dataroom creation if you believe that one of these bundles is close enough to your needs. In any case, you will be able to adjust later on, should you wish to.

Our predefined bundles offer a discount compared to the bespoke formula. They are here to help speed up and simplify most standard datarooms and reduce the number of steps between registration and activation.

Once you are comfortable with the price of your dataroom, your payment can be processed through PayPal. In the eventuality of a change in any of your dataroom dimensions, you are empowered to amend the parameters later on, at your convenience.

If none of the standard bundles match your needs, you can choose the bespoke solution: you create your dataroom by uploading your data and setting up your users. The system will then calculate the cost for you before you have to pay anything. You can choose to continue (or not) based on the cost.

You can easily simulate the cost of your dataroom using a simple tool before payment if you already know the number of pages, the number of users and the duration of your dataroom. The total number of users includes both the dataroom administrators and dataroom authorized members (viewers of the data).


Update & Upgrade

All datarooms can be updated by changing some documents (delete, add) and changing users (delete, add, and manage user permissions). Price does not change as long as additional documents or users remain at or below the selected bundle limits or the bespoke initial payment.

All datarooms, be it a Bundle or Bespoke, can be upgraded at a later stage: adding more documents capacity, adding more users or adding months to the total duration.

The various options for upgrading can include a bigger Bundle, or a Bespoke dataroom.

As a client, you can upgrade as many time as you want. Our technical limitations for a very large dataroom are 50 000 pages of documents, and 500 users.

Your payment is due for the whole duration of the dataroom on the day of the upgrade, before activation of the changes.

By offering full transparency on our pricing, we want you as a customer to be in full confidence. There is no uncertainty as to what you commit to. You are in control.

safedealroom offers you the ability to create your dataroom on your own, in full control, with full knowledge of the price. This is our commitment to you.

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